Liste Alphabétique des Services - P - Central West

PACE Independent Living   Toronto
PACT Urban Peace Program  
Pan Drugs   Brampton
Parachute   Toronto
ParaMed Home Health Care  
ParaMed Home Health Care - Oakville Office  
Paramount Physiotherapy   Brampton
Parent Resources - Gerrard Site   Toronto
Parent-Child Mother Goose Program  
Parenting and Family Literacy Centre - Hewson Public School  
Parenting and Family Literacy Centre - Holy Cross E S   Mississauga
Parenting and Family Literacy Centre - Massey Street Public School  
Parenting and Family Literacy Centre - Morton Way Public School  
Parenting and Family Literacy Centre - Sir Wilfrid Laurier Public School  
Parenting and Family Literacy Centre - St Bonaventure School   Brampton
Parenting and Family Literacy Centre - St Joseph School   Brampton
Parkinson Canada   North York
Parkinson Canada - Toronto and Central Region - Support Groups   Toronto
Parkinson Canada - Toronto Central/Leaside Support Group   Toronto
Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario - Orangeville Support Group  
Parkinson's Support Group - Brampton  
Partenaires en recherche   London
Partners in Process Equine Learning Centre   Owen Sound
PASAN   Toronto
Pathway Child Care Centre  
Pathways to Education Canada  
Patient Networks - Family Medicine and Health Promotion   Toronto
Patronato ACLI  
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada   Ottawa
Paywand Walk-in Clinic and Family Practice   Bolton
PCAS - Settlement services, Employment Ontario, Vocational Assessments  
Peace In Home Health Care Services   Toronto
Peace Ranch  
Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario   Toronto
Pediatrics Walk-in Clinic   Toronto
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Avondale  
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Bolton  
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Charolais   Brampton
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Mill Street  
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Professor's Lake Campus  
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Queen Street E  
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Queen Street W  
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Sandalwood  
Peekaboo Child Care Centre - Van Kirk Campus  
Peel 4-H Association  
Peel Aboriginal Network - Indigenous Friendship Centre   Mississauga
Peel Access to Housing  
Peel Addiction Assessment and Referral Centre  
Peel Adult Learning Centre - Literacy and Basic Skills - Brampton   Brampton
Peel Adult Learning Centre - Literacy and Basic Skills - Mississauga   Mississauga
Peel Association for Handicapped Adults  
Peel Audiology and Hearing Aid Services  
Peel CAS  
Peel Cheshire Homes - Brampton   Brampton
Peel Children's Centre   Mississauga
Peel Children's Centre - Children's Mental Health Centre  
Peel Christian Francophone Community  
Peel Crime Stoppers  
Peel Crisis Capacity Network  
Peel District School Board  
Peel District School Board - Peel Alternative School North   Brampton
Peel District School Board - Sir Wilfrid Laurier Public School   Brampton
Peel District School Board - Somerset Drive Public School, Child and Family Learning Centre   Brampton
Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network (PEAPN)  
Peel Explore and Learn - Walnut Grove Public School   Brampton
Peel Explore and Learn Centre - Countryside Village PS   Brampton
Peel Family Mediation Services - Brampton Office  
Peel Family Mediation Services - Orangeville Office  
Peel Halton Cooperative Housing Federation  
Peel Halton Dufferin Acquired Brain Injury Services - Orangeville Office   Orangeville
Peel Health Services Department - Public Health - Peel Works Needle Exchange Program  
Peel Health Services Department - Public Health - Pregnancy Programs - Adult Programs  
Peel HIV / AIDS Network  
Peel HIV / AIDS Network   Brampton
Peel Housing & Property Department - Street Helpline Peel  
Peel Inclusion Resource Services - PIRS Intake  
Peel Manor - Soins de longue durée   Brampton
Peel Medical Clinic   Brampton
Peel Multicultural Council  
Peel Pharmacy   Brampton
Peel Public Health   Mississauga
Peel Public Health - Environmental Health Division  
Peel Regional Police - Brampton  
Peel Respite Services  
Peel Senior Link   Mississauga
Peel Youth Village  
Peel. Health Services Department - Paramedic and Emergency Services  
Peer Project - Youth Assisting Youth  
Performance Health   Mississauga
Permanent Drug Mart   Toronto
Perpetual Bazaar  
PFLAG Canada   Ottawa
PFLAG Toronto  
Pharma Centro   Woodbridge
Pharma Depot   Brampton
PharmaChoice - Brampton - Boulevard Cottrelle (Pharmacy on Cottrelle)   Brampton
Pharmachoice - Brampton - Boulevard Ray Lawson (Nanaksar)   Brampton
PharmaChoice - Brampton - Chemin Gore (Superhealth)   Brampton
PharmaChoice - Brampton - Chemin Kings Cross (Kings Cross)   Brampton
PharmaChoice - Brampton - Promenade West (Healthplex)   Brampton
PharmaChoice - Brampton - Rue Main (Main Street)   Brampton
PharmaChoice - Brampton - Voie expresse Sandlewood Est (Castlemore)   Brampton
PharmaChoice - Etobicoke - Avenue Kipling (Kipling Heights)   Etobicoke
PharmaChoice - Etobicoke - Boulevard Rexdale (Woodbine Pharmacy)   Etobicoke
Pharmacies (Heures prolongées)  
Pharmasave - Brampton - Boulevard Braydon (Castlemore Medical)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Boulevard Lacoste (Lacoste)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Boulevard Ray Lawson (Connaught Place)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Chemin Bramalea (Bram Queen)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Chemin Kennedy Nord (Cumberland)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Promenade Bovaird (Springdale)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Promenade North Park (Bram East)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Promenade Pertosa (Westbram)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Rue Hurontario ( Bram Centre)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Rue Kensington (Kensington)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Brampton - Rue Lisa (BramCity)   Brampton
Pharmasave - Caledon - Chemin Airport (Gunther Apothecary)   Caledon
Pharmasave - Etobicoke - Chemin Albion (Rexdale)   Etobicoke
Pharmasave - Orangeville - Avenue Broadway (Orangeville Urgent Care Pharmacy)   Orangeville
Pharmasave - Orangeville - Boulevard Brenda (Broadway)   Orangeville
Pharmasave - Scarborough - 4218 avenue Lawrence Est (West Hill)   Toronto
Pharmasave - Woodbridge (Alpha Woodbridge)   Woodbridge
Pharmasave - York - Chemin Weston (Eagle Manor Pharmacy)   Toronto
Philips Lifeline   Toronto
Phoenician Club of Mississauga  
Phoenix Medical Clinic   Brampton
Physio Plus Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Clinic  
PhysioMed Humber  
Pièces d'identité, certificats et permis  
Pilot Place Society   Toronto
Pine Valley Medical Center   Woodbridge
Pinnacle View - Seniors Apartments  
Pioneer Patient Services   Kawartha Lakes
Planification de funérailles  
Planification et preparation des urgences  
PLASP - Active Learning Child Care Centre  
PLASP - Agnes Taylor Public School  
PLASP - Aloma Crescent Public School  
PLASP - Arnott Charlton Public School  
PLASP - Aylesbury Public School   Brampton
PLASP - Birchbank Public School  
PLASP - Bishop Francis Allen Catholic School  
PLASP - Brandon Gate Public School  
PLASP - Brisdale Public School  
PLASP - Burnt Elm Public School  
PLASP - Carberry Public School  
PLASP - Cardinal Newman Catholic School  
PLASP - Castlemore Public School  
PLASP - Clairville Public School  
PLASP - Clark Boulevard Public School  
PLASP - Conestoga Public School  
PLASP - Copeland Public School  
PLASP - Corliss Public School  
PLASP - Dorset Drive Public School  
PLASP - Dunrankin Drive Public School  
PLASP - Eagle Plains Public School  
PLASP - Eastbourne Drive Public School *FDELS  
PLASP - Fallingdale Public School  
PLASP - Father C W Sullivan Catholic School  
PLASP - Father Clair Tipping Catholic School  
PLASP - Fernforest Public School  
PLASP - Folkstone Public School  
PLASP - Georges Vanier Catholic School  
PLASP - Glendale Public School  
PLASP - Good Shepherd Catholic School  
PLASP - Guardian Angels Catholic School  
PLASP - Hanover Public School  
PLASP - Helen Wilson Public School  
PLASP - Hewson Public School  
PLASP - Hilldale Public School  
PLASP - Holy Cross Catholic School  
PLASP - Homestead Public School  
PLASP - Huttonville Public School   Mississauga
PLASP - James Bolton Public School  
PLASP - James Potter Public School  
PLASP - Jefferson Public School  
PLASP - Kingsview Village Junior School  
PLASP - Kingswood Drive Public School  
PLASP - Lancaster Public School  
PLASP - Lester B Pearson Catholic School  
PLASP - Lorenville Drive Public School  
PLASP - Marvin Heights Public School  
PLASP - Massey Street Public School  
PLASP - McClure Public School   Brampton
PLASP - Morton Way Public School  
PLASP - Mount Pleasant Village Public School  
PLASP - Mount Royal Public School  
PLASP - Northwood Public School  
PLASP - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School  
PLASP - Parkfield Junior School  
PLASP - Parkway Public School  
PLASP - Pauline Vanier Catholic School  
PLASP - Pauline Vanier Child Care Centre  
PLASP - Queen Street Public School *FDK  
PLASP - Red Willow Public School  
PLASP - Ridgeview Public School  
PLASP - Ridgewood Public School  
PLASP - Roberta Bondar Public School *FDELS  
PLASP - Rowntree Public School  
PLASP - Somerset Drive Public School  
PLASP - Springdale Before and After School Program *FDK  
PLASP - St Agnes Catholic School  
PLASP - St Agnes Early Learning and Child Care Centre  
PLASP - St Alphonsa Catholic School   Brampton
PLASP - St Andre Bessette  
PLASP - St Anne Catholic School  
PLASP - St Anthony Catholic School  
PLASP - St Bonaventure Catholic School  
PLASP - St Brigid Catholic School  
PLASP - St Cecilia Catholic School/Westervelts Corners Public School  
PLASP - St Daniel Comboni Catholic School  
PLASP - St Francis Xavier Catholic School  
PLASP - St Isaac Jogues Catholic School  
PLASP - St Jean Brebeuf Catholic School  
PLASP - St Jean-Marie Vianney Catholic School  
PLASP - St Joachim Catholic School  
PLASP - St John Bosco Catholic School  
PLASP - St John Fisher Catholic School  
PLASP - St John Paul II  
PLASP - St Josephine Bakhita Catholic School  
PLASP - St Kevin Catholic School  
PLASP - St Kevin Early Learning and Child Care Centre  
PLASP - St Lucy Catholic School  
PLASP - St Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School  
PLASP - St Monica Catholic School  
PLASP - St Patrick Catholic School  
PLASP - St Raphael Early Learning and Child Care Programs  
PLASP - St Rita Catholic School FDK Before and After School Program  
PLASP - St Stephen Catholic School  
PLASP - St Stephen Child Care Centre  
PLASP - St Ursula Catholic School  
PLASP - Stanley Mills Public School  
PLASP - Terry Fox Public School  
PLASP - Thorndale Public School  
PLASP - Transfiguration of Our Lord Catholic School  
PLASP - Treeline Public School  
PLASP - Venerable Michael McGivney Catholic School  
PLASP - Worthington Public School  
Playschools - Brampton  
Playschools - Caledon  
Police Provinciale de l'Ontario - Quartier général   Orillia
Polish Association - Brampton  
Polonia Ave Pharmacy   Brampton
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services - Etobicoke Central   Toronto
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services - Mississauga  
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services - Toronto South West  
Portail canadien en soins palliatifs   Winnipeg
Portland Place  
Positive Kids - Child Therapy   Mississauga
PPL Health and Homecare Services  
Pregnancy Care Centre   Toronto
Premier Homecare Services  
Premier Homecare Services - Etobicoke  
Premier Homecare Services - Toronto Central   Toronto
Preschool Petit Bateau - Garderie Éducative - Caledon   Caledon
Preschool Petit Bateau Inc. - Garderie Éducative - Bramalea  
Preschool Petit Bateau Inc. - Garderie Éducative - Mississauga  
Prestige Nursing Service  
Prism Eye Institute - Brampton  
Prism Medical  
Pro Bono Ontario   Toronto
Procare Pharmacy - Etobicoke   Etobicoke
Produits de mastectomie et perruques  
ProfessionsSantéOntario   Toronto
Programme communautaire des aliments  
Programme d’appui au parrainage de réfugiés   Ottawa
Programme de formation sur le parrainage privé des réfugiés   Toronto
Programme en ligne d'autogestion des maladies chroniques  
Programmes communautaires de santé mentale  
Programmes d'auto-gestion des maladies  
Programmes d'éducation en matière de diabète  
Programmes d'enseignement anglais/français seconde langue (ASL/FSL)  
Programmes d'exercice et de la prévention des chutes  
Programmes d'orientation dans les hôpitaux  
Programmes de jour pour adultes  
Programmes de mentorat pour les enfants et les jeunes  
Programmes de visites surveillées  
Programmes des tribunals et de déjudiciarisation pour les personnes ayant des troubles mentals  
Programmes ontariens de dépistage du cancer du sein  
Programmes pour les pairs et la famille des personnes ayant des troubles mentals  
Programmes sociaux et récréatifs pour les personnes ayant un trouble mental  
Progress Place   Toronto
Project Work  
Promotion de la santé publique  
Prospérité Canada   Toronto
Prostate Cancer Canada Network - Brampton   Brampton
Prothèses et orthèses  
Provincial Council of Women of Ontario  
Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant - CANES Community Care  
Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant - Punjabi Community Health Services - Indus Community Services   Brampton
Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant - William Osler Health System  
Psychogeriatric Resource Consultation Program of Toronto - Etobicoke  
pt Health - Bramalea-Kensington Road  
pt Health - Brampton - Torbram and Clark  
pt Health - Brampton –Rambler Dr and Kennedy South  
pt Health - Brampton-Vodden Street East  
pt Health - Etobicoke-Kipling and Kidron  
pt Health - Etobicoke-Rexdale and Kipling  
PT Health - North Brampton   Brampton
PTP -- Adult Learning and Employment Programs - East Centre - Academic Upgrading Program, GED  
PTP -- Adult Learning and Employment Programs - East Centre - Literacy and Basic Skills  
Public Health - Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph - Bureau d'Orangeville   Orangeville
Public Health - Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph - Bureau de Shelburne   Shelburne
Public Health - West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease  
Pulse Rx LTC Pharmacy   Woodbridge
Punjabi Community Health Services (pchs)   Mississauga